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Welcome to Lylat Wiki's Help Guide! Here, we hope to be able to answer any questions you may have regarding using and editing Lylat Wiki. Note that this guide is an eternal work in progress, so more information will be added as deemed necessary.

Any suggestions for extra information to add to the guide can be placed here. Thanks!


Basic Editing

  • Getting Started - Contains information on creating and editing pages, as well as basic Wiki coding.
  • Images - How to upload images and add them to pages.
  • Moving Pages - How to move a page to a different name
  • Redirects - How to use redirects.
  • References - How to locate, add, and display references in articles.
  • Talk Pages - How to edit talk pages properly.
  • Templates - How to create and use templates for pages.
  • Userboxes - How to add userboxes to your user page, and how to make a userbox.
    • Userbox List - A list of all userboxes with the coding for each listed next to them.
  • Protected Pages- General information concerning protected pages.

Editing Guidelines

Advanced Editing

Other Information