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Status: Mostly active. Focusing on more important matters, but I check the Recent Changes constantly. May be days where I just don't show up.
Current project: General wiki build-up, no specific focus at the moment for this wiki.
  1. Standard rules apply, of course. No spamming, trolling, vandalizing, removing comments, etc. Please follow the rules, your comment will get removed otherwise. You don't have to sign your comments here, but it'll make it easier for me to get back to you if you do.
  2. No swearing or obscenity. These words will get edited out ASAP.
  3. Please don't ask why I reverted or corrected your edit. Usually, I have a good reason and can back it up. Take a look at my contributions or the page history for more information regarding your edit, if available. If you must, you can ask for clarification, but only if you provide more than "Why did you delete my edit?!" (which will get removed).
  4. Questions about my Power Master games and/or YouTube videos are fine. There are other places for those kinds of talk, of course, but I don't mind them on here.
  5. Any questions relating to a different wiki, please post on my talk page there. If you're here to complain about a block I gave you on other wikis, your comment will be removed. You can also contact me through Discord.
  6. I'm a friendly guy and am willing to engage in friendly conversation, so long as the sections don't become too excessive.
  7. I will archive once this talk page reaches 100 messages. Please do not make any message telling me to archive. It's a waste of a notification, and it will be removed.
  8. I'm all for helping for with games, so long as I own it or the guide! Otherwise, I probably won't be able to help much.

RE: Images

Forgive me, but how exactly do I go about adding sources to the images? I don't see an option or something like that. Thanks. - User:Sbaglion

reverting me

aw you decided to revert me. why's that? you miss gamepedia already? want to take your power master stuff back there? tacopill doesnt want zelda wiki in, especially since they have a FANDOM banner, which is against the rules set up in niwa. with enough votes against them, there's no fear of retaliation. i guess since u a christian, you need to obey the rules & get on everyone's good side. sad isnt it Results May Vary (talk) 00:31, 7 July 2019 (UTC)