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The Battle Begins Notes

  1. Slippy and Fox were close friends during Fox's academy days.
  2. The Battle Begins takes place ten days after the team leaves Sauria, meaning Sauria is canon in the rebooted universe (though the events of Adventures are not).
  3. Andross and Corneria were already at war for years.
  4. Gamepad aiming is explained by new visor tech for the pilots.
  5. Andross's forces use teleportation to bypass Corneria's defenses. They go after Pepper instead of trying to destroy the city.
  6. Slippy uses Peppy's good luck charm to make missiles mimicking Pepper's life signs.
  7. Pepper sends a secret transmission to Peppy after the mission, urging him to handle the situation and keep the truth a secret from his teammates.

Star Fox Zero Notes


  1. Most (if not all) missions have named phases. Need to start jotting those down.
  2. The Laser follows the same rules as SF64, but hyper lasers are lost after taking 2 hits of any kind. Twin laser lasts until the end of the stage or death, and wings cannot be broken. The hyper laser gives the Arwing a "shine" to indicate it's active.
  3. Gold Supply Rings do not extend vehicle health anymore. They grant an extra life after collecting 3, and each one restores some health. The vehicle health bar cannot be extended at all.
  4. The Landmaster and Gyrowing both have missiles instead of a charged laser. The Landmaster is able to lock onto 3 targets at once with them.

First playthrough route

  1. Corneria has 3 phases:
    1. Phase 1 is a throwback to SF64, destroying enemies and racing to the command center.
    2. Phase 2 is the defense of the command center and General Pepper from the spider walker robots.
    3. Phase 3 is the Androsa fight. First boss in game; essentially a big flying saucer. Can beat by destroying the large... radar dishes? Can also be beaten by flying inside and destroying the core. Gives mission accomplished and a medal(?) for destroying the core.
  2. Sector α needs to be created. Sector Alpha should redirect. Boss is a ship core, identical to the alternative method of dealing with Androsa. First appearance of the Walker in the first playthrough. Has 2 phases:
    1. Phase 1 is defense of the Cornerian fleet and breaking through enemy lines.
    2. Phase 2 is inside the enemy command ship, where the walker is introduced and the boss is encountered.
  3. Sector α involves trying to save the Cornerian fleet by destroying Andross's ships. I think saving all of them gives you one medal, but I could be wrong.
  4. Sector 3 introduces the Gigarilla and the Space Colony.
    1. Phase 1 (Hurry to the Colony) takes place on approach to the colony. Very brief linear section followed by an all-range battle to destroy 30 enemy ships. Destroying all 30 grants a +5 hit bonus and triggers Pigma's arrival. Failing to destroy all 30 in time still triggers Pigma without the bonus.
    2. Phase 2 (Activate the Gigarilla) has the team entering the colony's interior and activating walker mode. Pepper tells Fox they need a special vehicle to activate the Gigarilla, so Fox heads to the underground hangar to retrieve the Gyrowing. Activating the Gigarilla causes it to fight with Star Fox, destroying any enemies in its path. Fox enters the teleporter that Andross's forces were trying to use to retrieve it.
  5. Zoness is a former Cornerian base which was taken over by Andross's forces. It is protected by a shield, which Fox has to deactivate. The Gyrowing is used for this mission, and it only has one phase. Phase is called Deactivate the shield.
    1. Lots of searchlights like in SF64, but being spotted triggers an increase in enemy aggression and possibly numbers. Can destroy or deactivate some searchlights.
    2. Katt Monroe is found here, trapped inside one of the two shield generators. Found inside right generator on first playthrough; will try again later to see if she's always in that one or if she's in the first one you enter regardless.
    3. Stage features large steel beams being carried by cranes. Can shoot them to drop them on enemies for environmental kills. Can also grab bombs with Direct-i and drop them on enemies or searchlights.
  6. Sector β has the team fighting alongside the Cornerian fleet again and introduces Bill Grey. It's also the first time Star Fox takes on the entire Star Wolf team in game, and the Walker gains the ability to hack consoles from this point onward.
    1. Phase 1 (Help the Cornerian Forces) introduces Bill and has Fox tasked with shooting down 4 large enemy ships. Once they're down, the Cornerian army fires on the enemy cruiser, the Granby, but the lasers are blocked by a shield. The Granby retaliates, and Fox has to find a way inside the shield, which he does by flying in right as the ship prepares to fire a laser blast at him. The back of the cruiser has a shielded door and a console underneath, which the walker is able to hack. Once hacked, the shield door opens, allowing Fox to go inside and destroy the shield's power cores. The shield is dropped, and the Cornerian army fires on the Granby, destroying it. Fox can actually die if he doesn't leave the ship before it gets shot down.
    2. Phase 2 (Rivals Arise) is just the Star Wolf fight. Wolf only shows up after shooting down Leon, Andrew, and Pigma. Wolf actually has a time limit, and it he isn't shot down before then, he shoots down Peppy before retreating.
  7. If Wolf is shot down before time runs out in Sector β, the next stage will be Fortuna. If Peppy is shot down, the team goes to Titania instead to rescue him. The Fortuna route is much quicker, since the Titania route has two more stages before Sector Ω.
  8. Titania is the first introduction of the Landmaster. It's a linear stage, and it looks a lot like its SF64 counterpart. Hazards include rivers and whirlpools of sand which can push the Landmaster around.
    1. Phase 1 (Search for Peppy) is just the linear section of the stage. There's some interesting enemy types, including the worms that grab the Landmaster (and Slippy at one point) and a taller, walker-like version of the spider tank enemies from Corneria. Need to find official source on their names.
    2. Phase 2 (King of the Desert) is the boss fight against a giant worm, which has Peppy trapped. It can create sinkholes in the sand and also has the ability to grab your ship, just like the smaller worms. Beaten by destroying the large weak points on the body, then firing into the open mouth.
  9. Sector γ is a quick stage where the only objective is to destroy three enemy missiles before they can reach a teleporter while also protecting the Great Fox. There's only one phase, called Destroy the Missiles.
    1. The Great Fox will be attacked by drones during this stage. The drones are deployed via pods, and the pods can be destroyed before the drones are released. Destroying the first missile causes one drone pod to appear, while the second one causes two. The mission ends after the third missile is destroyed.
  10. Fichina has the team looking for a weapon which was reported by the base before communications were cut. The stage is all-range.
    1. Phase 1 (Find the Massive Weapon) consists of shooting down 30 enemy ships. Once they're destroyed (or Fox takes too long), Leon will arrive alone. Defeating him ends the first phase.
    2. Phase 2 (The Strider Den) begins with the spider walkers from Titania emerging from the snow. Fox tells ROB to deploy the Landmaster, and ROB informs Fox that it's been upgraded to the Gravmaster. After destroying a few of the spider walkers, the boss appears. It's a giant version of the spider walkers, and it's beaten by destroying the leg joints to topple it, then destroying the weak points on top. Once all of them are destroyed, the core will appear each time it topples over. Attacking the core will finish the boss.
  11. Fortuna is on-rails until the boss.
    1. Phase 1 (Follow the Giant Shadow) is entirely linear, though the boss does show up several times during the level. Has living vines which sometimes block passages and need to be shot.
    2. Phase 2 (The Monarch Descends) is the fight with Monarch Dodora. Have to destroy the weak points, and he can create tornadoes, shoot a laser from his tail, and shoot fireballs from the mouths.
  12. Sector Ω has the team flying through a debris field at top speed to reach Venom.
    1. Phase 1 (Shortcut to Venom) is on-rails, and the team immediately sets their g-diffusers to max, causing the Arwings to fly at top speed. Hazards include asteroids and space debris. Upon reaching Venom, it disappears and the team are forced to fly through a section resembling the warp areas from SF64.
    2. Phase 2 (The Carrier Attacks) is the boss, the Attack Carrier. Functions similarly to its SF64 counterpart, but opens up at half health to reveal 4 lasers. Destroying the cores ends the fight.
  13. Pepper contacts the team and calls them back to Corneria because he thinks there's another way to reach Andross. When they arrive, however, Corneria is being invaded again. You're automatically thrown into this mission after completing Sector Ω, even on repeat playthroughs.in the b
    1. Phase 1 (Androssian Invasion) is the same area as the first mission of the game, but the enemies are more difficult. It ends when the team reaches the command center.
    2. Phase 2 (The Tower's Secret) has Fox destroying 30 enemies. When they're destroyed or time runs out, Pepper tells Fox that the teleporter above the tower is linked to Venom. He then teleports the tower, but Andross sends the Gigarilla through to stop Fox from following.
    3. Phase 3 (The Gigarilla Returns) is the Gigarilla fight. To beat it, Fox has to shoot the control panel on the back to break its cover, then hack it.
  14. Fox enters the portal alone and it closes behind him. When he reappears, the Cornerian command tower is there, along with Venom. Pepper explains that Andross actually co-developed the teleporters alongside the Cornerian military. When they realized that Andross had become crazed and power hungry, they exiled him to another dimension with the teleporters they created. Pepper also remarks that Venom has been transformed into a teleportation device.
    1. Phase 1 (Get to Andross) has Fox trying to find a way inside the planet. After hacking a device, Star Wolf appears, using upgraded Wolfens which can transform into the Hunter. Defeating all of them opens the way forward and ends the phase.
    2. Phase 2 (Corridor of Illusion) is essentially the pre-Andross segment from SF64's true ending route, although it contains obstacles in the form of reflective cubes. Near the end of the section, James McCloud appears and tells Fox to follow him to Andross.
    3. Phase 3 (The Final Battle) is the Andross fight. His head is inside a cylinder, and you have to use the gamepad screen to find the openings to use to fly inside and actually fight him. Once his hands are destroyed, he creates a giant energy wave which throws the Arwing back outside of the cylinder (can be avoided by just leaving on your own after destroying them). The next time Fox enters, Andross will spit out chunks of metal from his mouth. Firing into his exposed mouth will stun him, allowing Fox to get behind his head and fire at his weak point. Once defeated, the planet begins to explode, and Fox heads for the exit. Andross gives chase, attacking Fox during his escape. After a short bit, James will appear again and attack Andross, telling Fox he has to make it back. At this point, Fox can actually U-turn and finish off Andross, who is turned around with his weak point exposed. Finishing him off awards a medal and the "Mission Accomplished" rating. This is the end of the initial playthrough and the canon story.

Fox McCloud Star Fox Zero and SSBU sections


  • Split up The Battle Begins and Zero into separate sections?
    • The Battle Begins is essentially the first mission of Zero with added story information. Is it really worth separating the two for that?
  • Confirm any changes to canon backstory in the Zero continuity.

Star Fox Zero

Star Fox Zero maintains Fox's backstory but retells the events of Star Fox 64 with different events. Fox is once again the leader of the Star Fox team, having brought the team out of retirement after his father's death.