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*'''Jap''' (JapR, JapM) - Japanese
*'''Jap''' (JapR, JapM) - Japanese
*'''ChiTrad''' (MandChiTradR, CantChiTradR, ChiTradM) - Traditional Chinese
*'''ChiTrad''' (MandChiTradR, CantChiTradR, ChiTradM) - Traditional Chinese
*'''ChiSimp''' (MandChiSimpR, CantChiSimpR, ChiSimpM) - Traditional Chinese
*'''ChiSimp''' (MandChiSimpR, CantChiSimpR, ChiSimpM) - Simplified Chinese
*'''Dut''' (DutM) - Dutch
*'''Dut''' (DutM) - Dutch
*'''Fra''' (FraM) - French
*'''Fra''' (FraM) - French

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This template allows putting information about the foreign names of article subjects and their respective meanings in those languages into an article. This template should be in a section called "Names in other languages".


The language's abbreviation and M (for Meaning) are parameters for this template. For Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Chinese, an additional abbreviation + R (Romanized) can be used. The following languages are currently supported:

  • Jap (JapR, JapM) - Japanese
  • ChiTrad (MandChiTradR, CantChiTradR, ChiTradM) - Traditional Chinese
  • ChiSimp (MandChiSimpR, CantChiSimpR, ChiSimpM) - Simplified Chinese
  • Dut (DutM) - Dutch
  • Fra (FraM) - French
  • FraA (FraAM) - NOA French
  • FraE (FraEM) - NOE French
  • Ger (GerM) - German
  • Ita (ItaM) - Italian
  • Kor (KorR, KorM) - Korean
  • Por (PorM) - Portuguese
  • PorB (PorBM) - Portuguese from Brazil
  • PorP (PorPM) - Portuguese from Portugal
  • Rus (RusR, RusM) - Russian
  • Spa (SpaM) - Spanish
  • SpaA (SpaAM) - NOA Spanish
  • SpaE (SpaEM) - NOE Spanish