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{{{site}}}. {{{year}}}. "{{{title}}}". {{#if: {{{last_modified|}}}| last_modified {{{last_modified}}}.| }} Accessed {{{accessed}}}. {{{adress}}}.<noinclude>{{doc}}[[Category:Policy Templates]]</noinclude>
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{{{site}}}. "{{{title}}}". Accessed {{{accessed}}}. {{{address}}}.

Name Cite web
Link {{Cite web}}
Info For citing websites


Based of Chicago Style of Citations.



{{cite web


Name Description Value information
site Site of the page
year Year the page was published
title Title of the page
last_modified When the page was last modified
accessed When the page was last accessed
adress URL of the page


  1. Required parameters are in bold, followed by explanation of usage. Italicized parameters have a related behavior change, when a certain value is inserted.
  2. For if anything happens because a specific related value is not entered.