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Star Fox 2

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Star Fox 2

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Publisher Nintendo
Console(s) SNES
Release dates September 29, 2017 (North America/Europe)

September 30, 2017 (Australia/New Zealand)
October 5, 2017 (Japan)

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Star Fox 2

Star Fox 2 (Japanese: スターフォックス2 Sutā Fokkusu Tsū, Star Fox 2) was a video game that was intended to be released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, but was canceled. It is supposedly part of the Star Fox series, and the direct sequel to Star Fox. Like Star Fox, it was a co-development effort between Argonaut Software and Nintendo, and was supposed to be published by Nintendo.

Regardless, Star Fox 2 is often held as a great legacy in the overall history of video games, being one of the most anticipated and well-received games during its development time, before Nintendo pulled the plug on the game almost literally in the last minute, as Nintendo were even marketing the game at the time. Its legacy even grew greater when many years later after its cancellation the near-completed form of the game was illegitimately released as a ROM file, and distributed via the internet.

Despite its cancellation, a mastered ROM was still created, and it was finally released on the Super NES Classic Edition, available after completing the first level in Star Fox.

Many of the elements used in Star Fox 2 were implemented in later games, most notably Star Fox 64 (for elements such as the target-lock feature, all-range mode, and Star Wolf team), and Star Fox Command (for the strategic game play elements, and use of various characters and their respective vehicles).

Star Fox 2 was also meant to mark the debut of the Super FX 2 chip.


The basic plot in Star Fox 2 featured the Star Fox Team facing off against a resurrected Andross, using his army to attack and destroy planet Corneria entirely.

Some time after his defeat, and supposed destruction by the hands of the Star Fox team; Andross had somehow managed to survive, and built up a a large space station, Astropolis, orbiting the major star of the system. Utilizing Cannon Betrayers, hunter drones, IPBMs, the malevolent ape had launched a full-scale attack on Corneria, capturing numerous within the system to support his forces, and even hiring the Star Wolf team to protect key bases.

General Pepper once again contracts the Star Fox team to help protect Corneria, and repel Andross' invasion force. He aids the team by supplying two new recruits: Miyu, a tomboyish lynx, and Fay, a white spaniel. He also has the Cornerian forces deploy an automated defense turret to provide a limited degree of protection. The battle was long and hard, the Star Fox team eventually gets the upper hand and pushes back Andross' forces despite the superior forces. Finally, the entire team makes their way to Andross' base of operations, Astropolis, where an ambush was sprung, forcing the entire team to deploy as a distraction as one lone member infiltrates the base to confront the resurrected emperor. In the end, Andross' plans were foiled and his base crashed into the firey depths of Lylat, destroying him once and for all.


General Pepper
Fox McCloud
Falco Lombardi
Slippy Toad
Peppy Hare
Wolf O'Donnell
Pigma Dengar
Leon Powalski



Location not visitable


Automated Defense Turret


Night Fang
Night Fang.png


Mirage Dragon
Space Blade
Hunter Fantron
Star Wolf wing
Cannon Betrayer


All images shown below were created specifically to market the 2017 release of the game on the Super NES Classic Edition. There is no evidence of marketing material or official art ever released by Nintendo in the 1990s.


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