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Star Fox (game)

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This article is about the first game in the Star Fox series. For the article about the series, see Star Fox (series). For the article about the in-game team, see Star Fox (team).
Star Fox

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Developer Argonaut Games
Publisher Nintendo
Console(s) SNES
Release dates February 21,1993 (Japan)
March 1, 1993 (North America)
June 3, 1993 (Europe)
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Star Fox

Star Fox, known in the PAL region as Starwing, was a game released on the SNES in 1993. It was remade for the Nintendo 64 in 1997 as Star Fox 64.


Star Fox was an on-rails shooter game, pitting the player, playing as Fox McCloud, traveling around the Lylat System, defeating the forces of Andross and liberating the planets with the help of the rest of the Star Fox team. The game's climax is reached when the player gets to the final planet, Venom, and confronts Andross once and for all. This game marked the first time 3D polygon graphics were used in a video game for a home console.


Star Fox lets the player choose the difficulty by selecting a path for the Star Fox (team) to travel, the stages will change and either get easier or harder depending on which path you choose, the difficulty is measured by levels ranging from one to three.

Lylat System

The middle path is the first level, it's stages are: Corneria, Asteroid, a bonus level called Black Hole, Space Armada, Meteor, and Venom.

The upper path is the second level, it's stages are: Corneria, Sector X, Titania, Sector Y, and Venom.

And the lower path is the third and final level, it consists of: Corneria, Asteroid, Fortuna, Sector Z, and Venom.

Accessing the bonus stages are as follows:

To access the Black Hole:

  • Reach Level 1-2 (The Asteroid Belt, Route 1)
  • Continue until you find a gold asteroid with four spinning grey asteroids.
  • Blast the gold asteroid and fly through the center of the grey asteroids (where the gold asteroid was located).
  • Do this for all three gold / grey asteroid clusters.
  • A asteroid with a face will appear in the corner of the screen. Shoot it until a black hole appears.
  • Fly through to reach the Black Hole stage.


  • Extra Ships: These items appear in certain levels, created by an formation of three small objects. Once the player fires in the middle a few times, an Extra Ship will appear. Touching it will grant the player an extra life.
  • Laser Upgrade:
  • Power Shields: They defend the player from the next few hits of an opponent.
  • Small Energy Supply: These appear when the player destroys certain enemies or missiles. When flown through, it will heal a small amount of the player's health
  • Smart Bombs:
  • Supply Rings:
  • Wing Gyros: This item repairs a wing of the player's aircraft.



  • In the PAL regions, this game was released as Starwing. Many fans believe to be because of a game released on the Atari 2600 ten years earlier, also called Star Fox, which bears no relation to this title. While the developers, Mythicon, could not obtain a trademark in the United States for the name 'Star Fox', they were granted one in Europe, despite never using it. It is believed that Nintendo changed the name on the game's box artwork and title screen to Starwing in PAL versions to avoid any possible court cases with the then trademark holders (Mythicon disbanded soon after the US release of their version of Star Fox). It should be noted that no other changes were made in-game, i.e. the phrase 'Star Fox' still appears as is in-game. For similar reasons, Star Fox 64 was renamed Lylat Wars in Europe four years later.
    • However, according to an interview with Dylan Cuthbert in the British Official Nintendo Magazine, the renaming of the game was to avoid confusing the game with an unrelated European company called Star Vox, as the letter "V", in some languages like Dutch and German, is pronounced as the letter "F" [1].

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スターフォックス
Sutā Fokkusu
Star Fox


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