SharpClaw Crate

SharpClaw Crates are common objects that appear in every area in Star Fox Adventures. The usually either contain a Dumbledang Pod or a PukPuk Egg for Fox (or Krystal at the start of the game) along his journey. Sometimes, a SharpClaw Crate may contain a Scarab. The crates can be broken open by either using Krystal's Staff or throwing a Fuel Barrel.

Krystal standing at a SharpClaw Crate.

There is a variant of the SharpClaw Crate that is smaller and seems to be made from rock. They have the same purpose as ordinary SharpClaw Crates, but can only be carried by Fox if he is wearing the SharpClaw Disguise.

As its name suggests, SharpClaw Crates may have a relation to SharpClaws themselves.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
French Caisse SharpClaw SharpClaw Crate
Spanish Caja SharpClaw SharpClaw Crate