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==Names in other languages==
==Names in other languages==
*Chinese: Krystal / 水晶
*Korean: 크리스탈 ''keuliseutal'' (Krystal)
*Russian: Кристаль ''Kristal'''
== References ==
== References ==

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Home planet Cerinia
Role Empath of Star Fox
Premiere game Star Fox Adventures
Affiliations Star Fox (temporarily), Star Wolf (temporarily), Cornerian Defense Force (formerly)
Alias "Kursed" (possible)
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Krystal is a female character from the Star Fox series. She is a vixen with blue and white fur, and has telepathic powers. She made her official debut appearance in Star Fox Adventures, although she was originally meant to be in a non-Star Fox game called Dinosaur Planet. Her personal Arwing in Star Fox Command is the CloudRunner.

Krystal originally hails from Cerinia, which is believed to be a doomed planet which used to exist in either in the Lylat System or beyond. Apparently, she ultimately ends up on Sauria, where she was raised. After the events of Star Fox Adventures, she becomes a member in the Star Fox team, and eventually had a brief romantic relation with Fox McCloud. She eventually befriended Peppy's daughter, Lucy and Peppy began to think of her as a second daughter. At this time, it is unknown what is Krystal's official path after the events of Star Fox Command, as one of the nine possible endings depicts Krystal settling with Fox, marrying him, and having a son with him. Another ending depicts Krystal leaving Fox all together, and eventually ending up as lonesome bounty hunter, under a new alias: Kursed.


She resembles a Vixen, with blue fur, and a long blue tail, that has bands on them. She has blue dreadlocks, and wears a tiara. She has green eyes, and wears some braids. In Star Fox Adventures, she wore a loincloth, a bra, some jewelry, a necklace, and some tattoos are shown on her arms, legs, and abdomen. In Star Fox Assault, she wears a blue body suit that covers every part of her body except for her head. In Star Fox Command, she wears a pink suit, and is briefly seen wearing a fighter's helmet.


"The newest member of the team. Krystal's a mysterious young woman with extrasensory perception; she uses her talent to foresee danger and aid her teammates."
Star Fox: Assault instruction booklet, page 37

Early History

Much of Krystal's early history remains unknown. She is stated to be the only survivor of the destruction of the planet Cerinia.

Spoiler warning: The following contains key plot or ending details.

Krystal Meets Fox

Krystal flying on a CloudRunner.

A short time before the events of Star Fox Adventures, Krystal had picked up a telepathic distress signal from the planet Sauria. With the help of a CloudRunner rebel, she learned that the planet was being torn apart due to the results of the tyrannical General Scales. Shortly afterwards, the two are set upon by the General's flying galleon and Krystal's staff was shot from her hands. The CloudRunner managed to damage the airship greatly before Krystal jumped onto the ship itself. Unfortunately, she was captured by General Scales and, after a quick dialogue, was thrown overboard only to be saved by the CloudRunner. The CloudRunner then flew Krystal to the Krazoa Palace which had been overrun by the SharpClaw where she found many gravely injured EarthWalker warriors in the palace. After journeying through the palace, Krystal found a strange altar with an entity called a Krazoa Spirit. The spirit tasked Krystal with a test so that she may host the Krazoa, and the mission to collect the other five spirits. Unfortunately, her mission was cut short as she released the spirit into one of the Krazoa Shrines. Doing this allowed an unknown entity, one that Krystal seemed to recognize, to imprison her in a large, crystalline mechanism.

Krystal imprisoned in the crystalized mechanism.

Twice in the game, Fox McCloud heard her voice through telepathic messages. The first was a message from within her staff which he had found in ThornTail Hollow. This told him about the staff and how to use it. The second message Fox recieved in Moon Mountain Pass. Here, Krystal pleaded for help from Fox and Tricky while the Krazoa she freed tasked Fox with finishing her mission to save her. It is unknown whether this was real or an illusion by Andross. After finding the second spirit and going to the Krazoa Palace for the first time, Fox first saw Krystal and instantly fell in love.

The first meeting of Krystal and Fox.

Once Fox had defeated General Scales, claimed his Krazoa, and released it into the palace, the Krazoa Spirits began to float around Krystal. They then entered her body and were shot out into the statue of the Krazoa. As the spirits were released, Krystal's prison shattered and she plunged from the top of the palace. Fortunately, Fox had been quick enough that he was able to stick Krystal's staff out fast enough for her to catch it. The two locked eyes and there was an immediate spark between the two. Fox hoisted Krystal up and she proceeded to take her staff back, against Fox's wishes. She uses the staff's power to blast at the statue head now floating above them, but the monster escaped and Fox followed with his Arwing.

Krystal and Fox together.

After Andross, the true identity of the statue, was defeated and the Star Fox team reunited, Peppy told Fox about a message he had received from Krystal. In the message, she stated that she was eternally grateful to him and was sad that they didn't get a chance to thank him. To everyone's surprise, Krystal appeared in the Great Fox to do it personally. The other team members quickly saw that Fox was entirely smitten with her, especially after ROB unintentionally revealed his rising temperature and asks if he's okay. The game ends with the two staring into each other and Fox telling ROB he was perfectly fine.

Her First Mission

Krystal in the Great Fox with her teammates.

Krystal's first major mission with the Star Fox team began about a year after the Sauria ordeal. In the Great Fox, Krystal and the rest of the team appeared in the space above Fortuna to fight Oikonny, the leader of the leftovers of the Venomian Army. Krystal, Fox, Falco, and Slippy followed Oikonny to the surface of Fortuna where they fought him controlling a mechanism with a similar appearance to Andross. When the ship was destroyed by laser from an Aparoid, Krystal tried to sense its mind, but found its thoughts incomprehensible and was blasted by the creature. Fox quickly dispatched the creature and the group went to rejoin Peppy and ROB.

Krystal partially hit by an Aparoid's attack.

The team then responded to a distress signal from the planet Katina. When Fox went on foot, Krystal tried to get assigned to the ground too, but Fox chose to go it alone. Fox later fought a giant Aparoid monster and Krystal helped him locate the weak point of the creature. The team eventually made their way to the Sargasso Space Hideout led by rival team leader, Wolf O'Donnell. Krystal and Falco worked together to take out the space fighters around the base until Star Wolf appeared. After defeat, the Star Wolf's newest member, Panther Caroso, fell for Krystal and, in a moment of weakness, gave her the information the team was looking for. Krystal was forced to stay behind for most of the mission on Fichina. Krystal flew down with Slippy when he went to aid Fox and Falco. Krystal sensed their enemy and told Fox to go to the asteroid field. There, the team found the remains of Star Wolf's ships, but Krystal's powers told her that the three had escaped. Krystal used her telepathic powers to find the villain Pigma Dengar and was shocked when she found that the Aparoid infection had caused Pigma to be absorbed into a massive robot.

Krystal wondering what Fox meant when he said that they weren't engaged yet.

The team sent the retrieved Core Memory to General Pepper, who told them they h ad located the Aparoid Homeworld. Before they could hurry to Corneria, Krystal telepathically sensed another distress signal from Sauria, telling of an Aparoid invasion. The team flew to Sauria as fast as possible only to find that any resistance had been wiped out. Krystal finally got her ground mission with Fox when the two were sent to destroy a series of Aparoid hatchers. The destruction of the hatchers cleared most of the Aparoids from the area and Krystal and Fox soon found Tricky, who offered them a ride back to their Arwings. Along the way, Tricky poked fun at Fox saying that, when this was all over, he and Krystal could eventually come back on their honeymoon. Krystal watched as the two bickered and even sound enticed when Fox said they weren't engaged, yet. Approaching the Arwings, Krystal knew the fun was over and broke up the fight.

Krystal flew with the team to Corneria when Pepper asked for their assistance. She fought blindly against Aparoids and infected Cornerian fighters while Fox destroyed Aparoid radar jammers Before long, the General's flagship appeared on the horizon. It wasn't long before the team found the ship and Pepper inside infected by the Aparoids. Krystal, frozen with fear and sadness, could not bring herself to hurt the General and Fox was left to fight the General himself on Wolf's wing.

Krystal trying to console herself after Peppy's apparent "death".

Krystal and the rest of the group flew to the Beltino Orbital Gate, led by Slippy's father, Beltino. When over a dozen missiles targeted the gate, she helped destroy everyone within her range before following the other team members through a portal to the Aparoid Homeworld. Krystal was shocked when she saw the beauty of the planet. Later, she and Fox went down to the Aparoid City to destroy another series of hatchers. Krystal was speechless at the loss of Peppy and ROB when they were forced to pilot the Great Fox into another shield, but Fox snapped her and the rest of the team out of it and they flew into the tunnel to the core of the planet. They soon realized that they were being followed by Star Wolf. Panther offered Krystal his protection while the group flew to the planet core. The Queen used illusions to try to fool the team but Krystal knew that the Queen was faking and blasted the Aparoid Queen's armor off of it and Fox fired the program into the Queen. The Queen suppressed the program and drilled deeper into the core. Krystal followed her with the rest of the team and together, they destroyed the Queen's main body, leaving Fox to destroy what was left. With the Aparoid Queen destroyed, the team flew off to escape the collapsing planet.

Krystal escaping the Aparoid Homeworld.

In the debris of the collapsed homeworld, Star Fox basked in the glory of victory, except for Krystal. She remembered all those who died in the fight against the Aparoids. At that moment, Slippy saw a flashing light that was the same as the one from the escape pod of the Great Fox. Seconds afterward came a transmission from Peppy, the one they thought dead. Krystal was last seen asking Fox what would happen next.

Krystal Forsaken

Fox saying farewell to Krystal.

Krystal had truly loved Fox and, though unspoken, he returned her love. But he also knew of the dangers of being a member of the Star Fox team and remembered what had happened to his father and how he felt after his death. Sometime after the Aparoid invasions, Fox saying farewell to Krystal much as her depressed. For a while, she stays in contact with Lucy who later said that Krystal was extremely depressed after the breakup.[1] She later joined the Cornerian Defense Force, now cold-hearted and a true killer. Not long after, she broke off from the army and contacted Wolf to join his team.


This story occurs if Fox, Falco, and Slippy head to Katina from either the Beltino Orbital Gate or the Asteroid Belt.

When Fox goes to Katina to find Krystal, she at first ignores his transmissions. She soon got annoyed and flat out insulted him and told him to back off. Krystal warmed up to Fox again after clearing off a group of Anglars. She gave Fox the chance for forgiveness, on the condition that he would apologize. Fox broke down and begged for her forgiveness and assistance. Krystal agreed to help the team, but had not yet forgiven him.

Fox and Krystal

Non-Canon: This story occurs if Krystal accepts Fox's apology on Katina.

The Star Fox team reformed with Amanda.

Krystal still acted cold toward her old team members, despite rejoining the team. It was she that put them on the path to neutralizing the Venom Sea. Krystal pointed out that Andross had wanted to terraform Venom after his defeat during the Lylat Wars and that, before he died, he had placed a machine on Titania that would do just that. Krystal helped the team defeat the machine's guardian bioweapon. Slippy later confronted Krystal about how she had changed. He told her how he had left Amanda on Aquas even though he knew he should be with her and that Krystal should realize that she should be with Fox. This seemed to have gotten through to Krystal. Krystal worked with her former team members to destroy the Anglar Emperor. When Fox asked Krystal to rejoin the team, she outraged at him, asking why she should rejoin after he treated her such a way. After some convincing from Falco and Slippy though, she realized that Slippy was right about her and Fox and forgave him.

Goodbye, Fox

Non-Canon: This story occurs if ROB goes with Peppy to Titania.

While Krystal never appeared in this storyline, she is mentioned quite often. When Peppy finds out that she had joined he wasn't very surprised not having seen her. Krystal was the reason as to why Fox decided to leave the team after fighting the Anglar. Krystal was on Sauria when Fox found her and promised to spend the rest of his life with her. Some time later, the two are married and have a son named Marcus.

We Meet Again

This story occurs if Fox, Slippy, and Falco team up on Aquas.

Krystal and the other Star Wolf members had destroyed the Anglar base at the bottom at the Venom Sea. Krystal was forced to separate from them due to the acidity of the sea's waters. She had made her way to Sector Z when she met up again with Fox, Falco, and Slippy. Krystal agreed to work with them again and rejoin the team for the final fight. Together, they destroyed the Anglar Emperor. Several months after the defeat of the Anglar, Krystal made the decision to leave Fox for Wolf's team. While Falco and Slippy once again left Fox, Krystal started a new life in the Star Wolf squadron.

Star Wolf Returns

Non-Canon: This story occurs if either Krystal denies Fox's apology on Katina, or if ROB 64 goes with Wolf after he betrays Fox and Falco on Titania.

Krystal starting a new life as the bounty huntress Kursed.

Krystal, Leon, and Panther met up with Wolf in the space above Venom. She launched the acid neutralizer into the Venom Sea and then followed her new team members to the Anglar base. Krystal helped her team destroy the Anglars and take the huge bounties off their heads. While transmitting a system wide announcement of their victory, Wolf revealed Krystal as their new teammate. Krystal heard cheers for Wolf, Panther, and Leon, but not for herself. For a while, she ignored this, but when the insults and accusations got bad, Krystal became depressed. Unable to live with her past, Krystal left the Lylat system and began a new life as the bounty huntress Kursed. Many years later, Kursed saw Fox again while hunting on the planet Kew. He did not recognize her and it is unknown what she did in the situation.

Lucy and Krystal

Non-Canon: This story occurs if ROB 64 stays on Corneria with Lucy.

Fox and Krystal confess their true feelings for each other.

During the final invasion of Corneria by the Anglar, Krystal came to the aid of Lucy. She had quit Star Wolf at an unknown time and reason and recruited Katt Monroe and Amanda on her way. The four ladies united to destroy the entire Anglar invasion force. Krystal and the others prepared a party for the returning Star Fox team when they heard about the team's victory. Krystal and Fox leave the party towards the end to talk. Fox confessed his feelings to Krystal there and she decided to rejoin the team.

Spoiler warning: Spoilers end here.

Super Smash Bros. series

Krystal has yet to appear as a playable fighter in a Smash Bros. game despite being among the most desired characters for Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and Super Smash Bros. 4. She does appear on the Lylat Cruise stage when Fox, Falco, and Wolf activate their special taunt. Krystal also has a trophy based on her appearance in Star Fox: Assault as well as three stickers based on concept art of her from Star Fox Adventures, Star Fox: Assault, and Star Fox Command.

Brawl Trophy Description

Trophy information
Game Description Obtain
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Krystal Brawl trophy.png

A member of the Star Fox team welcomed in Star Fox Adventures after the team met her on planet Sauria when responding to a distress signal. Krystal is capable of telepathy and is a valuable member in combat. After becoming romantically involved with Fox, their relationship gets very rocky in Star Fox Command.

GCN Star Fox Adventures

NDS Star Fox Command

Random drop
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U {{{ssbforwiiu_description}}} {{{ssbforwiiu_obtain}}}
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS {{{ssbfor3ds_description}}} {{{ssbfor3ds_obtain}}}

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U Trophy Information

Trophy information
Game Description Obtain
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
NTSC-U: As befitting her name, Krystal was once imprisoned in a giant crystal. After rescuing her, Fox welcomed her into the team, where her telepathic abilities proved invaluable. She and Fox also became romantically involved. Did her telepathic powers help or hinder that relationship?

PAL: As befitting her name, Krystal was once imprisoned in a giant crystal. After rescuing her, Fox welcomed her into the team, where her telepathic abilities proved invaluable. She and Fox also became romantically involved. We can't help but wonder if extrasensory perception helps or hinders a relationship!

GCN Star Fox Adventures (9/2002)

GCN Star Fox: Assault (2/2005)

Random drop.
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U {{{ssbforwiiu_description}}} {{{ssbforwiiu_obtain}}}
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS {{{ssbfor3ds_description}}} {{{ssbfor3ds_obtain}}}

Game appearances

Voice Actors

  • Estelle Ellis (Star Fox Adventures)
  • Alesia Glidewell (Star Fox: Assault and Super Smash Bros. Brawl)


  • In Dinosaur Planet, the game which later became Star Fox Adventures, Krystal was originally meant to be a feline rather than a fox and was significantly younger [2].
  • Krystal was originally to have had a much larger role in Star Fox Adventures. Originally, Fox found the SpellStones specifically to save her, not the Krazoa Spirits, and he released her some time before the General Scales battle[3]. Krystal and Fox would have worked together in the Krazoa Palace and fought Andross on foot. Many of Krystal's lines that were in the Saurian language in the final game were in English in the earlier build. Also in the original ending, Fox would have asked Krystal to join the team, she told him that she would join at the price of one kiss.[4] All of these changes were made because Rare was being bought by Microsoft shortly during the game's production.[5]
  • Early in the game, Krystal sees Andross and recognizes him right before being captured. How she recognizes him is unknown and it is believed that an explanation would have been given in the original ending. The most popular belief is that Andross was in some way responsible for the destruction of Cerinia.


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Names in other languages



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