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Dash Bowman

Dash Bowman is a young pilot in the Cornerian Defense Force and is the grandson of Andross. He highly respects the Star Fox team, particularly ace pilots Fox McCloud and Falco Lombardi. In one ending of Star Fox Command, Falco Lombardi, Katt Monroe and himself create a new team named Star Falco. In another ending, however, he takes on his grandfather's legacy as the leader of Venom, in time also threatening Corneria.

Dash Bowman
Dash Bowman Command art.jpg
Dash Bowman as he appears in Star Fox Command
Home Planet Corneria,
Role Rookie, Ruler of Venom (future, possible)
Premiere game Star Fox Command
Affiliations Cornerian Defense Force, Venomian Army (possibly)
Family Andross (grandfather)
Andrew Oikonny (cousin)
Teams Star Falco (possibly)
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"I want training from the greats! Fox McCloud and Falco Lombardi!"
— Dash Bowman, Star Fox Command



Spoiler warning: The following contains key plot or ending details.

Decision Time

This story occurs if Fox decided to continue fighting the Anglar alone on Corneria.

Dash first appeared to help out his idol, Fox McCloud, during the invasion of Corneria by the Anglar. The two successfully fought to free several Cornerian cities. Dash left Fox immediately after the mission, presumably to locate other Cornerian Defense Force pilots.

Dash Makes a Decision

This story occurs if Wolf leaves Fox and Falco before going to Titania.

Dash had decided to volunteer for a mission to meet up with Star Fox on Titania. Unfortunately, Dash got into some trouble while waiting there and the team had to help him out. Dash was honored to meet Fox and Falco and, despite Falco's taunting of his young age, was glad to have their help.[1] The three pilots defeated Andross's bioweapon and took the machine they were looking for. Dash then revealed that he was the grandson of Andross and that the machine was meant to be Andross's first step in purifying Venom.[2] When Fox asked if Dash was going to come with them to Venom, Dash said he would if Fox and Falco would train him.

Dash taking up his grandfather's role

The trio made their way to Venom and launched the device into the sea. Dash was elated when he saw the sparkling of the new Venom Sea. Fox was forced to snap him out of it and they plunged into Anglar territory. Dash helped Fox and Falco destroy the Anglar bases and defeat the Anglar Emperor. When all was said and done, Dash asked the two to leave him on Venom so that he could complete his grandfather's last wish and make Venom a beautiful place. After some time, immigrants came to Venom and it began to rival even Corneria in terms of advancements. Many years after the fall of the Anglar, Dash made the fateful decision to claim Venom as the center of Lylat power and soon, the Lylat system was plunged into war.

Fox and Krystal

Dash leading Venom into an unknown future.

This story occurs if Krystal accepts Fox's apology on Katina.

While not all that relevant to the story, Dash is once again mentioned in this ending of Star Fox Command. He was shown beginning another empire on the reborn Venom, though it is unknown what he planned to do with this empire.

Pigma's Revenge

This story occurs if Falco does not listen to the advice of ROB 64 while in the Asteroid Belt.

Once again appearing only in the ending, Dash was enlisted by Falco as a member of his mercenary team, Star Falco. This is ironic considering Falco's harassment and dislike of him in another storyline.

Spoiler warning: Spoilers end here.



  1. "Fox McCloud! And Falco Lombardi! Oh, it's an honor to meet you both! And a privilege to come to your aid." — Dash Bowman, Star Fox Command
  2. "My grandpa made this device. I just wanted a chance to see it with my own eyes." — Dash Bowman, Star Fox Command

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