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The first Aparoid encountered by the Star Fox team.
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An Aparoid is a parasitic creature appearing in Star Fox: Assault which infect other organisms, assimilating their genetic structure and skills into the species. The species was responsible for the assimilation of Pigma Dengar, and massive attacks on Sauria and Corneria. The species is ruled over by a singular, sentient Queen, who has complete control of the many different classes of Aparoid despite the great distances between the Aparoid Homeworld and the Lylat System.

Place of Origin

The Aparoid invasion was launched from a distant, unnamed planet whose entire surface is apparently encased in a massive, garish hive-like network of brightly colored tunnels and chambers. This was also the place of residence of the Aparoid Queen, who had her nest deep beneath the planet's surface.


Apparently, despite not possessing any conventional technology, the Aparoids are able to traverse interstellar space by some manner of teleportation or warp gate.


The Aparoids appear to have been inspired by insectoid and artificial extraterrestrial species from a number of science fiction franchises. The most obvious of which seem to be the Bugs from Starship Troopers. The 'soldier class' of the Aparoid species, who make up the backbone of the Aparoid invasion during Star Fox: Assault, are in themselves quite similar to the basic Starship Troopers soldier bugs. Like them, Aparoid soldiers are present on the battlefield in great numbers and their tactics comprise of basically just swarming the player. The Aparoid species are directed telepathically by the Queen in much the same way the Bugs are directed by the Brain Bug as seen in the first Starship Troopers movie.

Higher orders of the Aparoid species exhibit behavior that is closely reminiscent of the Borg from Star Trek. They are able to infest biological and non-biological entities (such as computers), as in the missions that take place on Corneria, where a number of Cornerian military personnel actively fight against the player, apparently having been telepathically or otherwise controlled by the Aparoids. General Pepper and his fighter is similarly turned against the player. Pigma Dengar is himself assimilated into a huge, cube-like space station which resembles a Borg Cube. On Fichina, the Aparoids take control of an atmospheric control center and reprogram the defense drones there to fight Fox and his allies. The Aparoids are also said to have been inspired by a raid of some bees, wasps and/or flies during development.

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