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Character: Slippy Toad
Slippy Toad, as he appears in Star Fox 64 3D.
Name Slippy Toad
Home Planet Corneria
Role Team Star Fox Mechanic
Premiere game Star Fox
Affiliations Star Fox
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Slippy Toad is the mechanic for the Star Fox team. He, along with his father, helped develop the Arwing, Blue Marine, and Landmaster.


Slippy resembles a humanoid Toad with green skin, and bulging eyes, giving him the appearence of a Bullfrog, even though his last name suggests he is a toad. His eyes are also blue, and he is rather short, and pudgy. He usually wears a maintenance suit, and wears a small mechanics hat. He has also briefly been seen with a necklace in Star Fox, Star Fox 2, The Nintendo Power Comic, and briefly in Star Fox Command. In one of the endings of Star Fox Command, he appears to have grown a gray beard.

In Game History

"Slippy's not much of a fighter, but he's an excellent mechanical engieer. He fulfills the role of team mascot and calms frayed nerves on the battlefield." - instruction booklet, p. 36, Star Fox: Assault.

Spoiler warning: The following contains key plot or ending details.

Lylat Wars

Slippy participated in the Lylat Wars. He fought at the battle of Corneria, where he got tailed by an enemy, but was rescued by Fox. He then helped out in many of the other battles, including the battle of Aquas, where he provided Fox with the Blue Marine. During the Battle of Sector X, he tried to take Spyborg by himself, but was shot down, and crashed on Titania, where the Goras captured him. Fox rescued him and destroyed the Goras, and Slippy then rejoined the mission. He fought against Star Wolf at the battle of Venom, where he defeated his rival Andrew Oikonny. After Fox killed Andross, Slippy returned to Corneria, and he and the team were congratulated by General Pepper.

Titania Incident

During the Titania Crisis, Slippy was once again captured by the Goras. He escaped, and tried to hault Andross's revival, but accidentally accelerated it. Fox eventually killed the Andross clone, and stopped Andross from coming to power, but Falco decided to leave the team.

Sauria Crisis

By that time, the Star Fox Team had been losing money, and the Great Fox and ROB had fallen into disrepair. Eventaully though, General Pepper gave the team another mission: To save Sauria, which is literally falling apart. Slippy helped Fox with the mission, giving him information, and also giving him the Sharpclaw Device. Eventually, Andross was revived once again, but Fox was abke to kill him for good, and Falco also returned to the team. Krystal also joined the team as well. "The Star Fox Team is back together again!" Slippy said.

The Oikonny Rebellion Conflict

Slippy participated in a small conflict cause by a rebellion devised by Andrew Oikonny. Slippy faught at the Battle of Fortuna, where he was attacked twice, but rescued by Fox. Eventually, Oikonny was defeated, but not by the team. A wierd creature called an Apariod attacked him, and the team. The Aparoid was defeated though, but it eventually started a new war.

The Aparoid Invasion

Slippy helped in war against the Aparoids. At the Battle of Sargasso, he helped occupy the space station, and later helped track down Pigma, and kill him, and take the Core Memory. Slippy then helped at The Battle of Corneria, but was upset that they had to fight General Pepper. He then helped in The battle of the Beltino Orbital Gate, and later in the invasion of the Apariod Homeworld. They were about to invade, but the Apariods set up a last resort sheild. Peppy and ROB however, rammed the Great Fox into the shield, destroying it, and allowing the team to go through, while Peppy and ROB were supposedly killed in the explosion. Slippy then fought against the Queen, but warned Fox that if she escaped, she could create an Antibody. They eventually killed the Queen, and the Apariods. They were eventually rejoined by Peppy and ROB, who survived the blast.

The Anglar Blitz

Slippy eventually left and started a love life with Amanda. Slippy then helped in The Anglar Blitz, where he either helped kill the Anglar Emporer and join the team again, or either settled down with Amanda and have a family.

Game Appearances

Voice Actors

  • Lyssa Browne in Star Fox 64.
  • Chris Seavor in Super Smash Bros. Melee and Star Fox Adventures.
  • Mike McAuliffe in Star Fox: Assault and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Smash Bros. Tournaments

Slippy appeared in both Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl in scenes where Fox, Falco, and Wolf (Wolf only being in the latter) activated their com link. He also appeared as trophies in both games and had stickers based on his appearances in Star Fox 64 and Star Fox: Assault.

Trophy Information
Game Description Obtain
Super Smash Bros. Melee

Slippy Toad is the mechanical genius behind most of the Star Fox team's new weapons and technology, and just lately he's been spending the bulk of his time in Research and Development. He's also a competent pilot, but his enthusiasm tends to outweigh his technical flight skills. He and Fox have been friends ever since their school days.

Star Fox 09/93

Random drop.

Trophy Information
Game Description Obtain
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
A top-notch mechanic with less-than-stellar battle skills. Respected for his talen, he joins the Star Fox team and his mechanical genius in everything from vehicle maintenance to weapons development. Slippy often holds the team back with his clumsiness but makes up for it with his likeable makes up for it with his likeable personality and morale-boosting presence.

SNES Star Fox

NGC Star Fox Assault

Random drop.



  • According to the official Star Fox 64 website, Slippy was 18 years old at that time[1]. Considering the fact that Star Fox Command takes place eleven years later, that makes Slippy twenty-nine years old as of Star Fox Command.
  • Slippy created the Arwing, but he's not very good at flying it.
  • Slippy was created after a staff member at EAD who used a toad as a personal mascot[2].


"Ah, Help me!" - Slippy Toad, Star Fox 64.
"Your carcass is mine!" - Slippy Toad, Star Fox 64.
"Copy, Snake! This is Slippy!" - Slippy Toad, Super Smash Bros. Brawl.



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